• CSAI Spring Seminar
    June 22, 2020
    7:15 am - 3:45 pm

Spring 2020 Educational Seminar


The connection between central sterile processes and patient outcomes continues to be of importance in safe patient care. It is imperative that all Central Service professionals understand and use best practices as related to cleaning, sterilization and disinfection of reusable patient care equipment. This annual seminar provides these professionals with the information needed to enhance their role in playing an integral part in safe patient care through best practice sterile processing.

Target Audience:

Healthcare professionals including nurses, technicians, and infection preventionists who work in Central Service, Operating Rooms, Surgery Centers, Medical/Dental Offices, Risk Management, and similar facilities.

8:00am – Speaker: Silas McAghon

Silas McAghon

The Science of Speed


  • Review how biological indicators work
  • Understand how rapid readout biological indicators work
  • Discuss recommended practices for use of biological indicator

9:05am – Speaker: Alyssa Rapp

Alyssa Rapp
Leadership and Life Hacks: Achieving Your Goals with Greater Efficiency and Impact


  • Pivot vs. Quit: Staying Nimble in High-Regulation Industries.
  • Surgical Solutions: Hacking the Healthcare Industry Through Outsourcing.
  • Fast-tracking Culture: Integrating Certification, Leadership Development, and Job Variability for Employee Success.

10:20am Speaker: Kevin Anderson

Enhanced Optical Inspection of Medical Devices

  • Discuss ways to implement enhanced visual inspection at your facility to reduce surgical site infections.
  • Review the relevant IFUs and standards that support all types of visual inspection especially enhanced visual inspection.
  • Review methods for enhanced optical inspection.
  • Define optical inspection.

1:15pm Speaker: Alisha Loy

Alisha Loy

A Patient & Parent Perspective: Beyond the Medicine

  • Describe prospective of the value Sterile Processing has for patients
  • Relate the work in Central Sterilization to patient care
  • Defend doing the right thing even in the face of adversity
  • Explain partnership with families not seen
  • Demonstrate concepts of Family & Patient Centered care driving quality in health care
  • Identify high level Quality & Lean Management concepts
  • Support the increase in confidence for Sterile Processing Team Members

2:20pm Speaker: Lisa Huber

Water Quality for Reprocessing Medical Devices

  • Describe how water quality affects instrumentation during processing
  • Name the levels of water quality necessary for specific steps in device cleaning, rinsing, disinfection and steam sterilization
  • Describe the types of water treatment systems that may be used in device reprocessing



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